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Cycluum Power Vac

Cycluum Power Vac

  • Rs.9,999
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Cycluum Power V... - Combo Offer

Cycluum Power Vac
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Cycluum Power Vac

The Cycluum Power Vac is a versatile, all-surface vacuum that easily converts from a handheld vacuum to a floor vacuum in seconds,allowing you to clean your house from floor to ceiling and everywhere in between. Because of this, the Cycluum Power Vac provides practical, power in the palm of your hand.

Powerful 750watts

In addition, each Cycluum vacuum weighs less than 3 pounds, features 750 watts of suction power, and includes a bag-less,replaceable, and cleanable filter that locks in place and provides no-mess disposal.

Light Weight, hand-held power lessthan 3LBS

The Cycluum Vacuum Cleaner comes with 7 custom attachments to clean every space in your home so you’ll be able to clean hard-to-reach places, high and low, including ceiling fans, curtains, above cabinets, air vents, and even the ability to clean both sides of your blinds (horizontal and vertical) at the same time.

Technical Specifications:
 * Power - 750Watts
 * Volts - 220-240Volts
 * Weight - 1.2 Kg
 * Warranty - 3 months
 * Material : High quality ABS Plastic

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