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15% Orbitrek Elite

Orbitrek Elite

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Orbitrek Elite
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Multi functional monitor

The super combination of cardio vascular and strength training exercise in multi facilitated equipment ORBITREK ELITE have already won the fitness market with economical approach and space utility aspect of the lifestyle while burning calories within a few minutes of use.


Affecting knees and joints

Buying Orbitrek Elite, one can save money instead of purchasing separate equipments such as cycle etc. Orbitrek is now globally acclaimed by millions of customers as they spend compact productive time in single equipment which gives a mind blowing contour of their body by toning their muscles.

Without any side effects

Presently, home users opt for available cheap gym equipments which are generally known as health fitness machines.On the other hand, there are varied ranges of home gym equipments like general Exercise equipments, weight loss machines, health fitness machines having various levels of productivity.


Elliptical trainers are fruitful

Presently, home users opt for available cheap gym equipments which are generally known as health fitness machines.On the other hand, there are varied ranges of home gym equipments like general Exercise equipments, weight loss machines, health fitness machines having various levels of productivity.


Orbitrek Elite simultaneously

Orbitrek Elite simultaneously instigates slimming, as well as muscle firming. As Cardio-vascular workout is assured, doctors recommend using this.Different muscle groups are properly sculpted due to reverse movement of the equipment.One can burn a maximum of 820 calories in 1 hour through turn and burn resistance.


Warranty : 1 Year

In The Box :

 - Orbitrek Elite

 - Multi functional monitor

 - Total body & Fat Blasting Cardio Workout DVD

 - Tool Kit (Alan Key - 8 mm (2 No's), 12mm (1 No's) & Multi Spanner (1 No’s))


Mark Spitz - 7 Time Gold Medal Winner

I know when I am on the Orbitrek Elite, I am burning calories, building muscles at the same time. There is a certain type of image people expect to see when they meet me. By using the Orbitrek I personally can stay in shape. I come from swimming, and swimming is a non-impact sport, and I am used to exercising in similar fashion. The actual elliptical motion and the workout you gain from your quads and your upper body with your hand motion - it's superb! It's not like a treadmill where you might spend 30 minutes on that, and then have to go to another piece of equipment for your upper body for another 30 minutes. I personally don't want to waste that kind of time. What I have been accustomed to for 30 years, I can get that on the Orbitrek Elite. It truly is a full body workout. I definitely give my gold seal of approval!

Licia & Dana - Pro Beach Volleyball Players

The Orbitrek it's not jarring our knees. It's so low impact. As a beach volleyball player I am constantly diving, or jumping and landing - it is constant impact. I love the Orbitrek, it's a great machine, you are getting your arms and shoulders, your legs, your calves, your quads, you get your core. It's a total body workout!

Ginger Lewis - Country Music Singer

Turn & Burn - How easy is that! I am a country rock singer and I tour cross country, over seas for the troops, it's great, it's very fulfilling and rewarding. I do a lot of dancing onstage, I am always moving, so I have to stay in shape. The Orbitrek is perfect for me, 20 minutes and that is all I need. It's great for cardio, it's great for burning calories and building muscles. I feel it in my legs, my glutes, my hamstrings, my calves, my triceps, my biceps. You just crank it up and you feel more muscles burning, and that's the easiest, simplest, most awesome way to do it! I did have orthoscopic surgery on my knees, so sometimes they hurt when I am on the treadmill, stairmasters etc. But when I workout on my Orbitrek, I never have problems with my knees. I completely glide and there is no pressure. I love Orbitrek, it is a great, fantastic workout!


Q: What is Orbitrek Elite ?
A: You might have seen a few Gym products. But, unlike regular Gym Machines, the Orbitrek Elite is a revolutionary elliptical machine that simulates walking or running while providing total body workout.

Q: Why is Orbitrek Elite referred to as 4-in-1 Machine?
A: Orbitrek Elite is a Home Fitness Equipment with a virtual combination of a Treadmill, Stepper, Stair Climber and Cycle, all-in-one nice bundle.

Q: Does Orbitrek Elite give Cardio Vascular exercise ?
A: Yes. The best Home Gym equipment Orbitrek Elite is referred to by leading Doctors for even patients undergoing post-surgery rehabilitation. More commonly, the Doctors recommend elliptical exercise machines for patients with Diabetes, BP (Blood Pressure) and Cholesterol complaints.

Q: How much time do I have to spend on the Orbitrek Elite to see results? 
A: Gym products usually demand a long workout regimen. But, with Orbitrek Elite, a 20-minute exercise, 4 times a week is recommended, for optimum results. This will dramatically tone and firm all your major muscle groups, while giving you the aerobic workout doctors recommend for total cardiovascular health. For best results you must also follow a sensible eating plan.

Q: I’ve had knee surgery – can I use the Orbitrek Elite ?
A: Of course, Yes! While with most home gym equipments you need to be careful, because of its ‘no- impact’ design, many people have found the Orbitrek Elite to be extremely helpful when recovering from joint surgery. Orbitrek Elite makes it easy to get an aerobic workout without the jarring effect of a treadmill. (As individual cases may vary, always remember to consult your doctor before any exercise including that with Orbitrek Elite)

Q: What if I don’t feel up to getting an upper-body workout and I just want to Walk / Jog?
A: That’s one of the features that make the Orbitrek Elite unique. Its arm bars have two positions: Workout and Stationary, which gives you a choice to include or ignore upper body workout. On most other machines, the arms are either fixed, or they move at all times – you don’t have a choice.

Q: Can a heavy person use the Orbitrek Elite ? Is there any user weight restriction?

A: The Orbitrek Elite is designed to withstand a user weight of up to 275 pounds (125 Kgs), approximately.

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