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13% Treadmill EC2000

Treadmill EC2000

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Technical Information

1. Input power voltage: AC220-240V (50/60Hz)

2. Motor Power: 1.5 HP

3. User Weight: 120 KG

4. Speed: 0.8-14.8 Km/h

5. Running surface: 420*1150 mm

6. Functions (Option): Running (massager)

7. Expend Dimensions: 1530*684*1160 mm

Packing List

1. Complete machine

2. Sit up Dumbbells

3. Massager

4. Accessory Bag

Accessory List

1. Safety Key

2. Silicone oil

3. Manual

4. Mp3 cable

5. 2*Dumbbells – 4LB Each (1.8 KG Each)

Using Instruction

Start up normally after 5 seconds of countdown

3 Modes and 12 automatic programs

3 Manual Programming, 12 Automatically programming and 1 FAT programming

Safety lock function

Key Instruction

1. Start and Stop Button.

Press Start button the treadmill start with speed “0.8”, when the treadmill is running press the stop button all date will clear, and the treadmill gradually comes into complete stop and returns to the manual mode.

2. Program Key

In standby mode, pressing this key can cycle the option from the manual mode P1 to P12 automatic programs. Manual mode is system defaulting running mode and the default speed of manual mode is 0.8 Km/h, the highest speed in 14.8 Km/h

3. Mode Key

In standby mode, press this key can cycle the option of 3 different countdown running mode: time countdown running mode, Distance countdown running mode and calorie countdown running mode. 

4. Incline +/- Key

This key only use for with incline modes, Handrail including two key

5. Speed Quick Key

Speed quick key 5, 8, 12 in running state adjust the speed

6. Incline Quick Key

This key only use for with incline modes, Incline quick key 5, 8, 12 in running state adjust the speed

7. The Knob Button

With the hands press the knob for the start button, and more then press is the stop button, clockwise rotation in the running for the speed, counter wise to reduce the speed

LCD Display

Speed Display

Time Display

Distance Display

Calorie Display

Heart Rate Display

Each Window displays the range of the date

TIME: 5:00 – 99.59 (MIN)

DISTANCE: 1.0 – 99.9 (KM)

CALORIES: 20.0 – 999 (C)

SPEED: 0.8 – 14.8 (KM/H)

PULSE: 50 – 200 (BPM)

FAT (Physical Fitness Test)

In the standby mode, press the program key to enter the human body mass index (FAT) detection window displays “FAT”. Press the settings” button to select the parameters to be set (F1 – Gender, F2 – Age, F3 – Height and the F4 – Weight), Speed + \ - key of these parameters may be set, F5 set to hold the hand pulse enters the physical detection, view your weight and height of proportionality

1. Sex: Male\ Female

2. Age: 10 – 99

3. Height: 100 – 200

4. Wight: 20 – 150

5. FAT  19 Or Bellow: Under weight

        FAT 20 – 25: Normal Weight

        FAT 25 – 29: Over Weight

        FAT 30 or Above: Obesity