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Cycluum Power Vac

Cycluum Power Vac The Cycluum Power Vac is a versatile, all-surfac..


Kleva Edge

THE WORLDS BEST CAN OPENER Stop struggling with a can opener that's too difficult t..

Rs.2,499 Rs.1,999

Smart Mop

Floor Cleaning: The smart mop can be used just like a regular floor m..


Tobi Platinum

Salient Features of Tobi Platinum The design of Tobi platinum makes it..

Rs.26,999 Rs.15,999

Clear View Cam

Clear View Cam The HD Rotatable 2.5-inch LCD DVR with IR LEDs is simply designed with A pl..


Engraveit Pro

Imprint Your Design Engraveit Pro is assessed as diamond infused with a tip which w..


Flavor Slice

Kitchen Shears  * As with high- quality shares, dishwasher use in not recommended! For the best..


Kleva Sharp

Best sharpner for all kinds of knives, scissors and garden tools. ..

Rs.2,499 Rs.1,999

Magic Mesh

What is magic mesh?Magic Mesh lets you quickly and easily add a convenient screen door to any standa..

Rs.3,999 Rs.2,499

Mini Max Charger

Mini Max Charger This Tiny Little Device Actually Has The Power To Jump Start Your Car,..


Motor Up

Motor Up MotorUP is an outstanding treatment for the petrol, diesel engines, ..

Rs.2,999 Rs.1,999

Nicer Dicer Plus

Perfect for chopping onions, tomatoes, other fruits and vegetables in different shape or desi..

Rs.3,999 Rs.2,499

ProRay Tactical Flash Light - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

ProRay Tactical Flash Light - Buy 1 Get 1 Free Put your "pro ray tactical flash light" order n..


Solar Lamp

Portable Solar Lamp Led Camping Light - 6 Assemble Solar LED Camping Lantern, it is a necessity..


Super Solution Single

Super Solution cleans and shines for a squeaky-clean sparkle.T..

Rs.3,499 Rs.1,999

Swifty Sharp

Swifty Sharp The Swifty Sharp Motorized Knife Sharpener has a built-in..

Rs.1,499 Rs.999

Ultimo Turbo Mop

Ultimo Turbo Mop Modern, compact, light weight Cleaning made easier and faster ..

Rs.8,999 Rs.6,999

Super Ladder

This versatile Ladder Traditionally, ladders were made of bamboo or casur..

Rs.36,999 Rs.29,999

Super Bullet

Teleseen Super Bullet Teleseen Super Bullet is not an ordinary kitchen appliance!With ..

Rs.12,999 Rs.8,999

Table Mate

Table mate, a space saving multi utility table makes yo..


Wonder Saw

Teleseen Wonder Saw The Wonder Saw is a multi-purpose, light-weight, compact hand-saw ..

Rs.4,999 Rs.2,999

Super Solution Kit

Super Solution Kit Super Solution cleans and shines for a squeaky-clean spa..

Rs.4,999 Rs.2,999