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38% Magic Mesh

Magic Mesh

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Magic Mesh

Tight Magnet Seal

Great For Pets


Highest Quality Mesh

What is Magic Mesh?

Magic Mesh lets you quickly and easily add a convenient screen door to any standard or sliding door. You don't need professional help or complicated tools to fix this automatically closing screen. Made of durable synthetic material, the standard sized magic mesh is designed with strategically positioned Velcro strips and 18 powerful magnets which work in pairs to keep the working edge always closed. You just need to peel off the protective sheets from the Velcro strips to fix the screen on your door frame and start using it ! Simple as that !

MAGIC MESH is very useful when you:

  • - Live in areas infested with mosquitoes and insects.
  • - Simply don't feel like fixing a permanent insect screen door.
  • - Live in rented house where you don't want to invest in an insect screen door.
  • - Often forget to close the door.
  • - Feel like walking through your door when you're carrying something.
  • - Can't prevent kids from forgetting to close the doors when going out.
  • - Would love to let your pets in & out but feels tiresome to keep opening & closing the door


The MAGIC MESH insect screen comes in two halves with pairs of magnets attached on inner edges of each half. While the outer edges are fixed to the door frame, the inner edges open with movement of people and close automatically due to gravity and magnetic pull. The automatically closing screen is made of tough and durable synthetic material and the powerful magnets reside inside durable plastic shells.


* Height  - 7feet

* Length - 3feet

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