• Smart View SunGlass

Smart View SunGlass

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Product Information

Manufacturer: Teleseen

Unit model: XS5000

Package weight: 5.00lb

Dimensions (L x W x H): 20.00in x 20.00in x 5.00in

Product Description


Smart View SunGlass 

our summer coolers are either too dark or simply ineffective. Introducing the Smart View Sunglass, the polarized, UV filter coated, ultralight sunglasses.

You'll be amazed at the enhanced clarity and colour; the high definition lenses provide. Smart View Sunglass are lightweight, durable sunglasses. They are coated for UV protection, great for those with sensitive eyes. The optical quality lenses reduces glare for comfortable night time use.

*High-Definition lens sunglasses

*Reduces glare

*Brings out the colour and clarity like you’ve never seen

*Fashionable design for any daytime activity

*Day vision 100% UV Protection

*No glare, crystal clear & enhances colors

*Optical quality lensesv

This is a pair of High-Definition lens sunglasses. It brings out colour and clarity like you’ve never seen before. It provides 100% UV Protection during daytime while the stylish design is suited for any daytime activity.

Now, give yourself a high-definition view of the world while protecting your eyes from the sun's rays with the Smart View Sunglass. Made of impact-resistant acrylic, these HD lenses help enhance colour and clarity while reducing glare. The Euro-style design with advanced HD lens technology helps you make a style statement.

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