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Ervamatin Hair Lotion

Ervamatin Hair Lotion

  • Rs.5,999
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Ervamatin Hair Lotion
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Ervamatin Hair Lotion


Hair fall problem is a global feature which seeks a proper treatment without side effects. To render various remedies, numerous products for hair growth are available now. However, these hair care products sometimes project serious side effects instead of bestowing effective treatment. Keeping this in notice ERVAMATIN provides natural effective treatment and initiates a completely natural hair growth.


Teleseen presents ERVAMATIN hair lotion, with the conviction of serving fast, effective natural therapy for the hair fall with assured brilliant results. ERVAMATIN’S composition consisting of unusual herbs from Amazon rain forests has made this hair treatment special. It works for thinning hair, hair loss, hair degeneration, dandruff, alopecia, fragile, dry hair and baldness problems. ERVAMATIN’S special composition contains phyto-therapeutic agents, components which are positively obtained from AMAZON RAIN FORESTS. So, as per the experts, it is not a general hair care oil, but exclusively made natural hair care lotion for problems related to hair.

According to the latest research in biochemistry, baldness treatment is focused on three main targets: 

To increase the nourishment of the scalp, peripheral vessel dilatation effect is targeted.To stop the atrophy of hair follicle, another important focus is being fixed on the reservation of alpha enzyme which converts testosterone into dihydro-testosteroneThe fungal infection affecting the scalp is targeted 

Ervamatin lotion can be applied to all, irrespective of any sex and age group. The herbs used in Ervamatin are having medical properties to effectively activate the hair growth. Moreover, it delays hair loss and eventually reduces baldness, dandruff, increasing sebum in the scalp, avoiding problems such as sticky hair and alopecia .According to the research of ERVAMATIN scientists, the vessel dilatation effect is more than their expectation. They observed pilocarpina concentration in it. Thus, due to this activity the nutrient circulation to the scalp increases, improves nourishment of the follicle, as a result, regrowth of the hair is observed. ERVAMATIN works positively as a dandruff hair lotion, hair treatment oil, baldness treatment oil and attacks entire discrepancies linked to hair. Millions of users of EVERMATIN HAIR LOTION are satisfied with its natural composition that is availed from the herbs of Amazon forest. 

The hair degeneration of male: Different types of genetic and probable environmental causes are responsible for androgenic alopecia. Due to genetic sensitivity of male hair, follicles to DHT hairs contract or “miniaturize”. Thus the lifespan and generation of male hair reduce. It also prevents normal hair growth. 

 The hair degeneration of female:  Alopecia is not common in women. Women generally suffer from psychological effect of baldness. The hair fall of women occurs in all areas of the scalp and the frontal hairline is conserved. The hair degeneration in female generally occurs after the age of 50 or even later but now it takes place during the younger age of 15 or 16 years.



• Water/Aqua
• Sacharum Officinarum
• Smilax Officinalus
• Agave Rigida
• Saponaria Officinalis
• Propylenen Glycol
• Methyl Parabene along with active ingredients
• Smilax Officinalis
• Saponaria Officinalis


• Baldness
• Dandruff
• Hair loss
• Greasy hair
• Dry & Fragile hair


• Use ERVAMATIN on washed and dried hair
• Apply ERVAMATIN directly on the scalp and massage for 30 seconds


• 2 * Ervamatin lotion - 200 ml
• Multi Language Instruction Manual

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