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Fair Secrets Skin Whitening

Fair Secrets Skin Whitening

  • Rs.4,999
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Fair Secrets Sk... - Combo Offer

Fair Secrets Skin Whitening
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Fair Secrets Skin Whitening

- Skin Whitening 5 Steps Facial whitening Therapy  - Look naturally glowing and fairer using the FAIR SECRETS skin whitening Therapy Kit in just 5 simple steps.

- This therapy incorporates the goodness of Argon oil, otherwise known as liquid gold,

                         1. making it excellent for skin lightening,
                         2. to even out the complexion and its rich in fatty acids and vitamin E.
                         3. It’s a miracle oil  that heals and protects the skin  and improves the colour and glow.

- The skin whitening cleanser and the multi benefit serum needs to be used daily for deep cleansing the facial skin, which helps in unclogging pores and removes uneven skin tone, darkness, discoloration, tan, sun damage or any dark spots.

- The skin whitening and brightening exfoliating scrub, the whitening facial massage cream and the face firming mask need to be used 3 times in a month to give you look naturally fair, bright and beautiful looking skin.

- It has all pure, rare, unique and natural ingredients that make your skin white and bright. It has NO bleach, and absolutely no chemicals!

In The Box :
1. Face whitening cleanser:  100ml
2. Whitening & Brightening Exfoliating Scrub: 35 gms
3. Whitening Facial Massage cream: 35 gms
4. Face Firming Mask : 50 gms
5. Multi Benefit Serum : 50 ml 


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