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40% Irene Kuhl Designer Sunglasses

Irene Kuhl Designer Sunglasses

  • Rs.2,499
  • Rs.1,499
  • Availability: In Stock
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Irene Kuhl Desi... - Combo Offer

Irene Kuhl Designer Sunglasses
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Irene Kuhl Designer Sunglasses

Your summer coolers are either too dark or simply ineffective.  Introducing the  Designer  Sunglasses, the polarized, UV filter coated, ultralight sunglasses.
It provides 100% UV Protection during daytime while the stylish design is suited for any daytime activity.

* Reduces glare
* Brings out the colour and clarity like you’ve never seen
* Fashionable design for any daytime activity
* Day vision 100% UV Protection
* No glare, crystal clear & enhances colors
* Optical quality lensesv


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