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Kleen Kut Wet N Dry Shaver

Kleen Kut Wet N Dry Shaver

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Kleen Kut Wet N Dry Shaver

Do you find that shaving the old fashioned way is costing you time and money? Well, if that’s the case, you need Kleen Kut – a battery operated wet and dry shaver. Kleen Kut is a revolutionary electric shaver boasting advanced technology for the ultimate in a clean, close shave. This electric shaver is waterproof, as well as cordless, leaving you feeling smooth and fresh. You'll finally have the ultimate convenience of an electric shaver providing the freedom to shave however you prefer.

Kleen Kut has a dual blade system that gently lifts hair to cut below skin level. The advanced technology allows the shaver to adjust to every curve on your face for a flexible, smoother shaving experience. In addition, the protective titanium foil stops rashes, skin irritations and those pesky ingrown hairs that one often experiences from shaving with a traditional razor.

Kleen Kut is also entirely portable so you can get a comfortable shave wherever and whenever necessary. And to top off all the advantages of this revolutionary new shaver, Kleen Kut comes with a built-in pop out trimmer that sculpts and styles sideburns, moustaches, as well as beards, maintaining a perfectly groomed look. For ultimate shaving pleasure and comfort, Kleen Kut features a stylish rubberized non-slip grip.

There is no need to waste any more time and money on your traditional shaving system. Get your Kleen Cut wet and dry electric shaver system today and you’ll never look back. Plus, you’ll receive the Kleen Kut men’s hair trimmer and eyebrow shaver absolutely free! Now you can also control those bushy eyebrows and get rid of those embarrassing nose and ear hairs! Get yours today! 

Kleen Kut battery operated shaver not only achieves a perfect shaving but also has a slide-up trimmer for your moustache and sideburns. Apart from that, it contains a nose and ear hair trimmer, so that you have the ability to create an excellent appearance.

* Rubberized non slip grip.
* The Kleenkut shaver works on batteries. It is not rechargeable.
* 2 AA batteries for the Kleenkut shaver and 1 AAA battery for the Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer. 


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