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Le Jeans-One Size Fits All-single

Le Jeans-One Size Fits All-single

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Le Jeans-One Size Fits All-single

Le Jeans - One Size Fits All - Single
Everyone can wear jeans now even those who never could – Thanks to LeJeans!!!
With lejeans you look 1, 2 or even 3 sizes slimmer instantly! One size fits all,
-  Le-Jeans is a fusion between the comfort of leggings and the most modern look of regular jeans making it a fashion trend, elegant and practical. At the same time it will make your legs and buttocks look firmer, molded and cellulite-free so it combines comfort, shape and good looks.
-  It can be worn by absolutely anyone - youngsters and even old people.
-  Its smart fabric will make your legs and back look firm, slim and without a trace of cellulite.
-  It has no buttons or zips so it is very comfortable. It is very soft and smooth unlike other tight jeans.
-  It uses slim text technology that compresses the fabric, tightening your body, making you look firm and lean.
-  It hides away your fat and gives you the best comfort and shape.
-  3 Le Jeans - 3 different models Vintage, Oldies and Black.
Le Jeans composition?
Le Jeans is composed of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex
What is Le Jeans made of?
Le Jeans is made with the exclusive Slim Text Technology that compresses the fabric, tightening your body, making you look firm and lean. And the advanced vertical fabric around the waist gets rid of those unwanted love handles.
Colors and sizes available
Le Jeans is available in 3 styles: Vintage, Oldies and Black. All styles are ONE SIZE FITS ALL (fits most women sizes: S to L). 

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