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My Mani Nail Care

My Mani Nail Care

  • Rs.2,999
  • Availability: In Stock
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My Mani Nail Ca... - Combo Offer

My Mani Nail Care
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My Mani Nail Care

Reveal the natural beauty of your nails with My Mani, the all new automatic nail polisher that produces salon quality results at home. Use the My Mani rollers to smooth bumps and ridges while creating a natural shine that lasts up to two weeks. Compact and easy to use, My Mani leaves your nails looking perfectly polished, with or without nail polish

Smooth, Buff, & Shine Nails
Finish Lasts Up to 2 Weeks
Great For Finger & Toe Nails

You will get with,

File Roller – File for a custom shape

Smooth Roller – Smooths bumps and ridges

Shine Roller – Buffs to reveal natural shine



1 x File Roller (Green)
2 x Smooth Rollers (Purple)
2 x Shine Rollers (White)
1 x My Mani – Polisher with cap
-Made in China
-1.5AA 2 Battery operated

Tags: mymani, manicure, nail polisher, nail smoother, nail polish, shining nails, Sri Lanka

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