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Table Mate

Table Mate

  • Rs.5,499
  • Availability: In Stock
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Table Mate
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Table Mate

Table mate, a space saving multi utility table makes your life simple. Don’t be concerned about  keeping separate tables for eating, lap top, study desk, reading, writing, drawing, arts and crafts, board games, outdoor tray, trade shows, gardening, patio tray and serving something. The purpose varies, but the product is same, Table Mate.

Following the activities you are doing, your body size and how you are sitting, the foldable table mate can be adjusted. Thus it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor purpose. The popular original Table Mate classic has come with the advanced version named as Table Mate II. 

The main characteristics of this table is, its mission of making it convenient for users: having lunch / snack, solving jigsaw puzzle, reading magazines, sharing drink… all are possible on this table mate. By sliding the table tray surface to a horizontal position, one can use Table Mate comfortably. 

Space saving era requires such a product which occupies almost no space. The plastic made folding Table Mate II is foldable into a semi folded position and one can easily store it under a sofa or in a closet. It can be assembled within two minutes without any tool or help. The built in adjustable cup holder stays in irrespective of its position.

Features :

  • Handy

  • Adjustable table tray projecting 6 different heights and 3 angles 

  • Light in weight

  • Cup Holder can be adjusted

  • Multipurpose 18 utility tables in 1 

  • Apt for small storage space and mobility

  • Holds up to 20 Kg 

  • Folds flat for storing 


  • Laptop folding table

  • Study desk 

  • Reading table 

  • Writing table 

  • Drawing table 

  • For board games 

  • Card table 

  • Outdoor tray table 

  • Patio tray table 

  • Serving table 

  • and more...



  • 2 x Legs 
  • 1 x U-tube 
  • 1 x Tray 
  • 1 x Instruction Sheet  

Table mate is available in White, Brown, Blue, Pink & Lavender

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