Eagle Eye Sunglasses

Eagle Eye Sunglasses

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Introducing SuperSight 3in1 Vision Enhancement Eyewear

Our revolutionary 3in1 magnetic eyewear system gives you three innovative lens technologies in a single, stylish platform. This exclusive Eagle Eyes® system provides 24/7 vision support with TriLenium Polarized and Night-Lite lenses that magnetically and inconspicuously attach to a DigiTe base frame.

For Sun: TriLenium Blue-Light Blocking Polarized Lenses

Developed from original NASA optic technology, our TriLenium® Polarized lenses block out 99.9% harmful UVA, UVB radiation plus scattered blue light, and allow in vision-enhancing light rays for optimum protection and visual acuity.

For Night: Night-Lite® Night Driving Lenses

Perfect for nighttime, the Eagle Eyes® Night-Lite Night Driving lens addition features special non-polarized, micro-infused, optical-grade, anti-reflective lenses designed to filter out high-glare light from oncoming headlights and LED-lit signage.

For Digital Light: DigiTec Digital Devices Lens Technology

Our DigiTec™ Technology features crystal filter, micro-infused, optical-grade, anti-reflective lenses designed to block blue light emission from e-devices, computers and phones. These lenses help reduce eyestrain, squinting, fatigue and tired eyes, extending hours of visual tasks.


● Base Frame: Flexible TR-90, Shiny Black, Clear

● Clip-On Frame: TR-90, Matte Black

● Lens Technology: DigiTec™ Lens Technology, TriLenium® Polarized and Night-Lite® lenses

● Activity: Outdoor/Indoor

● Included Accessories: Go-Anywhere Case and Microfiber pouch


● Lens Width: 53mm

● Lens Height: 38mm

● Bridge: 19mm

● Temple: 143mm

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