Ervamatin Hair Lotion

Ervamatin Hair Lotion

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ERVAMATIN’S special composition contains phyto-therapeutic agents, components which are positively obtained from AMAZON RAIN FORESTS. So, as per the experts, it is not a general hair care oil, but exclusively made natural hair care lotion for problems related to hair.

● To increase the nourishment of the scalp, peripheral vessel dilatation effect is targeted.To stop the atrophy of hair follicle, another important        focus is being fixed on the reservation of alpha enzyme which converts testosterone into dihydro-testosterone The fungal infection affecting          the scalp is targeted

● The herbs used in Ervamatin are having medical properties to effectively activate the hair growth. Moreover, it delays hair loss and eventually        reduces baldness, dandruff, increasing sebum in the scalp, avoiding problems such as sticky hair and alopecia

Hair fall problem is a global feature which seeks a proper treatment without side effects. To render various remedies, numerous products for hair growth are available now. However, these hair care products sometimes project serious side effects instead of bestowing effective treatment. Keeping this in notice ERVAMATIN provides natural effective treatment and initiates a completely natural hair growth.

Problems and solutions related to hair

Different types of genetic and probable environmental causes are responsible for androgenic alopecia. Due to genetic sensitivity of male hair, follicles to DHT hairs contract or “miniaturize”. Thus the lifespan and generation of male hair reduce. It also prevents normal hair growth.



● Water/Aqua

● Sacharum Officinarum

● Smilax Officinalus

● Agave Rigida

● Saponaria Officinalis

● Propylenen Glycol

● Methyl Parabene along with active ingredients 

● Smilax Officinalis


● Baldness 

● Dandruff

● Hair loss

● Greasy hair

● Dry & Fragile hair


● Use ERVAMATIN on washed and dried hair

● Apply ERVAMATIN directly on the scalp and massage for 30 seconds


● 2 * Ervamatin lotion - 200 ml

● Multi Language Instruction Manual


Q: Can I use ERVAMATIN after showering with damp hair then blow-dry it?
A: ERVAMATIN is a non-greasy hair lotion and it will not change the look or feel of your hair, so you can certainly use ERVAMATIN after you blow-dry your hair.

Q: How long should I wait before I notice a difference?
A: If you use the product as directed i.e. massaging ERVAMATIN into the Scalp for 30 seconds twice daily you will see natural hair growth and other positive results in three weeks.

Q: Can I use ERVAMATIN with other hair treatment?
A: There is no need to use any other product while using ERVAMATIN.

Q: Is it likely that hair fall may increase initially after I start using ERVAMATIN? If so, for how long?
A: During the initial two weeks of using ERVAMATIN one may see some excess hair loss, which is a result of weak hair falling off and with the use of ERVAMATIN you will notice stronger and healthier hair within few weeks.

Q: Also, is it possible that after starting to use ERVAMATIN, there is no initial increase in hair fall and after one month or so, the hair becomes thick and dandruff-free and improves with regular usage?
A: Yes, this is also possible depending on the age, physical and emotional health of the individual using ERVAMATIN.

Q: For how long (in terms of months) should I need to use your product? Will my hair start to fall again if I discontinue the use of ERVAMATIN?
A: The course of ERVAMATIN will have to be continued for at least six months to regain a major portion of your lost hair. After the treatment is complete, you will have to use ERVAMATIN sparingly i.e. 3-4 times a week to  maintain newly the hair growth.

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