Football Set

Football Set

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Here is how it works:

1. Set up the portable goals by connecting all the blue tubes with the yellow connectors.

2. Squeeze and insert the yellow suction cups into the holes on the 4 bottom connectors.

3. Apply the net to the goal by making sure the blue rope is on the top. Then hook the bottom of the rope to the 2 back corners. Hook the 2 sides of the net to the front 2 corners.

4. Unscrew the bottom panel of the hover ball to install 3 AA batteries. Then screw back the panel to the ball.

5. Turn the switch "on", put on a smooth floor and start kicking!


Made of high-quality Safe Non-Toxic ABS Plastic, durable and stable.

Make a Wonderful Night Game - pure and changeable LED lighting color.

Foam Bumper - hover ball can rebound automatically when meets an obstacle. With Substantial ,non-marking foam bumper which keeps it from damaging or marking up your walls or furniture. No harm to your kids.

A good company for your kids or pets. With easy setup and fast-paced moving action, kids will love to play again and again, making this a great game for home.

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