Treadmill EC1000

Treadmill EC1000

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Product Description

1 Year Warranty 

Technical Information

1. Input power voltage: DC220-240V (50/60Hz) 

2. Motor Power: 1.0 HP

3. User Weight: 100 KG

4. Speed: 0.8-10 Km/h 

5. Running surface: 395*1100 mm 

6. Functions (Option): Running (massager)

Packing List

1. Main Frame

2. Base Frame 

3. Massager

4. Accessory Bag

Accessory List 

1. Safety Key 

2. Silicone oil 

3. Manual 

Using Instruction

Start up normally after 3 seconds of countdown

3 Modes and 12 automatic programs 


1. Start button, Stop button 

When power on, press the start button, the screen displays “1.0 km/h”, and the treadmill starts. Stop key: When the treadmill is running state , press the stop button, all date will cleared, and the treadmill gradually comes into complete stop and returns to the manual mode.

2. Program Key

In standby mode, pressing this key can cycle the option from the manual mode P1 to P12 automatic programs. Manual mode is system defaulting running mode and the default speed of manual mode is 1.0 Km/h, the highest speed in 10 Km/h

3. Mode Key

In standby mode, press this key can cycle the option of 3 different countdown running mode: time countdown running mode, Distance countdown running mode and calorie countdown running mode. 

4. Volume Key

When connect the mobile phone press “+” to turn the volume up and press”-“  to turn the volume down.

5. Speed Key 

Use these to adjust the speed of the treadmill by 0.1 Km, press “+” to increase the speed and “-“to decrease the speed. 

LED Display Function 

1. Speed Display.

Display the current running speed value. 

2. Time Display. 

Display the time of manual mode and the time countdown modes and auto programs.

3. Distance Display. 

Display cumulative distance under the manual mode and auto programs. Display the distance in automatic mode.

4. Calorie Display

Display cumulative calorie under manual mode and auto programs. Display the calorie countdown in automatic mode.

5. Heart rate Display 

Heart rate value will be shown when put the hands onto handle pulse and the signal are detected. 

    Auto Programs  

Each program is divided into 10 segments, and the running time of each segment of the programs is evenly distributed.

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