Kleen Kut Duo

Kleen Kut Duo

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1 Year Warranty 


                                           ·       High quality rechargeable battery

                                    ·       USB Rechargeable.

                                                    Plug in to any note book

                                                           Laptop or adapter equipped with                            

                                                           USB socket

                                    ·       Operating time -  45 min

                                    ·       Charging time  -  approx. 1.5 hours

                                    ·       Ensure that the shaver is switched off before attempting to the charger the unit

                                    ·       Red LED light indicates that shaver is charging.


·       Read all instruction before using  KLEEN KUT DUE.

·       Brush clean only .

·       Do not charge continuously over 48 hours.

·       Do not rinse or immerse into water other liquids.

·       The unit is not waterproof.

·       Do not attempt to repair by self .

·       Not suitable for eyelashes.

          Ø GENERAL USE  (Main parts)

·       Use only on dry skin

·       Adjustable ceramic hair clipper

·         Ceramic blade – stronger & longer lasting for professional result  fully adjustable for custom results.

·         To maintain the clipper in peak condition, oil the blade every few cuts

·       3-Head rotary stainless steel blades

·         Smooth & super close shave each and every time.

·         Do not apply too much pressure whilst shaving.


·       Precision detailed

·         Ideal for detailing, fine – tuning or trimming nose &ear hairs, sideburns neckline, shaping.

Ø ACCESSORIES  INCLUDED                  

·       Precision cleaning brush

·       Professional clipping scissors

·       Professional hair comb

·       USB charging cable

·       Oil lubricant (for hair clipper)

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