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Kleva Sharp

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Designed to be safe

KLEVA SHARP has exceptionally powerful POWER GRIP suction cup base which tightly attaches the KLEVA SHARP on any smooth surface to ensure its immobility. It can be fitted even on vertical walls made of tile. Once it clings to a surface, knives can be sharpened shapely in the securely attached condition.

The specialties of the product KLEVA SHARP

While using it, due to power grip suction base it clings to the smooth surface, hence it doesn’t move at all. You don’t have to need your hands near the edge of the knife while sharpening, as tungsten carbide tooling sharpens like pro. From slicing the meat, dicing the vegetables to carving roast.

 Polymer Protector

keeps your Knives safe

While running, the blade of knife lengthwise
KLEVA SHARP protects the cutting edge and keeps the knives safe as it has a durable polymer guiding top.


Q: What can the KLEVA SHARP™ sharpen?

A: KLEVA SHARP sharpens all types of knives including professional knives and jagged blades as well as fishing blades.

Q: Does the KLEVA SHARP™ sharpen scissors?

A: It is not advised to use on scissors.

Q: Does the KLEVA SHARP™ sharpen serrated edge knives?

A: The KLEVA SHARP™ sharpens all types of serrated blades except for fine toothed serrated knives.

Q: Can I use the KLEVA SHARP™ on my professional knife set?

A: The cutting edge of professional knives can be restored by KLEVA SHARP™ very easily.

Q: Does the KLEVA SHARP™ suction cap stick to all surfaces?

A: The KLEVA SHARP™’s suction cap sticks to all smooth surfaces. It can be attached on the even surfaces of kitchen bench, cupboards, refrigerator or microwave oven.

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