Power Legs

Power Legs

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1 Year Warranty 


No time to exercise, but do you want a healthy life?

With Power Legs you no longer need to go to the gym or perform difficult exercise routines. This incredible vibrator and leg massager will help you tone and strengthen your muscles. Ideal to reduce varicose veins and circulation problems.

If you have tense muscles, it is perfect for you, as it will help you to relax them. The benefits that this spectacular exerciser gives you, is that it works your whole body in a single machine, through its technology of vibration and reflexology type massage.

It has different levels of intensity and 3 types of exercises for beginners, intermediate and advancing, in this way you can advance and improve at your own pace. 

Do not wait more! Tone, improve your health and give you the energy your body needs.


It includes

01 Power Leg. 
01 remote control. 
01 Adapter.


AC Alternating Current Adapter. 
Main body of Powerlegs. 
Adapter connector. 
Silicone pads. 
Screen: press a button to choose the mode.

Warranty12 months

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