Treadmill JFF 290 TM

Treadmill JFF 290 TM

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Product Description


Rated voltage                       -:   220V-240V 50/60Hz

Max load                              -:   100kg

Dimensions, folding         -:   1420*630*1060(mm)

Dimensions expand         -:   658*630*1270(mm) 

Effective running area    -:  1050*390(mm)

Motor peak power          -:   0.75-1.7HP

Speed                                -:   1.0-10.0Km/h

Features -: Run (sit up, massage) (Multifunction only)

This electronic watch with functions:  audio Bluetooth playback function WeChat small program function 

The noun convention used in the specification:

                            Treadmill parameters : “speed” value

                             Exercise parameters  : “distance” value, “calories” value, “time”

Audio Bluetooth connection: after the electronic watch is powered on, turn on Bluetooth in the phone settings and click search. After searching (hnk_audio. After the Bluetooth is paired with the phone, the music in the phone can be played.


Before use the product read the instruction manual

The treadmill is an outdoor device and should not be used outdoor. Place the place clean and level.

Do not wear too much

Do not remove the protective cover.

01 Year Warranty and 2 Years Motor Warranty 

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