Walk Buddy

Walk Buddy

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Internal battery

Rechargeable internal Li-polymer battery

·         Nominal voltage        : 3.7v

·         Capacity                    : 500mAh

·         Watt-hour                  : 1.85Wh

·         Size  : 8.7mm*19.6mm*30.6mm



    ·         Radio fm frequency range : 76- 108MHz

·         LED output :  >180LM

·         Rechargeable internal Li-Polymer battery

·         5V USB Time : Approx. 3 to 4 hours

·         Height range : 71.5 – 94.0 cm

·         Weight : 0.35kg

·         Material  : ABS + Aluminum



    v  No turning on the LED light directly to the eyes, it could be harmful

v  Do not place this unit in a humid place and do not immerse it in water.

v  The alarm allows the user to attract attention in emergency situations, but does not turn it on if everything is fine, because the sound could be too loud.

v  Do not hit the stick too strongly because the electronic parts could be damaged and it will stop working.

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